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At Sciantra, we capitalize on our strengths in artificial intelligence, data science and research to subsume the psychology of cognition into artificial intelligence and give it human like thought processes. Our core engines are built to think laterally and be on par with human intelligence while displaying a strong grasp of the various individual business sectors and their unique problem scenarios. Our platform is delivered through advanced computing hardware and software and intended to be flexible and extensible in order to match any given scenario and still maintain high performance.

Here's What we are doing at Sciantra


Explored varied areas of Science and Technology; to comprehend and develop theories for a Cognitive Intelligence.


Incorporated concepts from Cognitive Science into Artificial Intelligence to make decision making more human like.


Built engines that can think laterally and display a strong grasp of business sectors and their unique scenarios


Utilized advanced software and hardware like High Performance Computers, Virtual and Augmented Reality to deliver services


Unified Holistic Platform that consists of a Suite of Intelligence Products suitable across all industries and domains

Our Benefit Model

To Industries & Domains

Our research helps to model and interpret the various industries and the domain spaces that define the market an organization exists within.

To Organizations

Our models help organizations structure their processes, functions and data more optimally to extract maximum possible value.

To Individual Users

Our solutions understand the nitty gritty needs of the entire employee spectrum and levels both the information and functionality accordingly.

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