Case Study: Healthcare

Given the high risk repercussions of misdiagnosis, it is clear that hospitals need to provide their teams with a comprehensive and searchable reference as a strong mitigation strategy. But a simple library does not eliminate the potential for misdiagnosis since the health professional still has to refer and decide. What they need is an interactive recommendation and decision platform applicable to a variety of health professionals from the attending nurse to the diagnostician in charge. Sciantra has the technology, expertise and research portfolio to establish a cognitive decision making approach in Healthcare.

Sciantra’s Value Proposition


Advance humanity

Critical support and democratization for high value research in Healthcare, Lifesciences & Education.


Drive exponential growth

Model future state scenarios and enable corporate change through business re-engineering to achieve growth.


Control critical data

Structure and protect master data. Control changes, maintain data quality, recency, accuracy & privacy.


Enterprise empowerment

Manage organizational knowledge by leveraging on a self learning platform that is focused on business imperatives.

#Key Roles

Obtain nuanced insights

Develop deep and nuanced insights with intricacies often ignored by limited functionalities of Off-The-Shelf products.

#Key Roles

Derive value with analytics

Analyze massive amounts of data with ease and speed. Synergize and optimize resources using advanced modeling and visualization

#Industries & Domains

Green technology support

Cost and Energy efficient platform that consists of software, hardware, devices and reusable frameworks with high performance.

#Industries & Domains

Accrue industry knowledge

Define and denote the industrial archetypes to improve understanding and encourage cross-sector collaborations to cater across industries for various scenarios.

Case Study: Sales

With the emergence of car sharing and other mobility services, the sales of automobiles are predicted to decline considerably in the coming years. The major players in the automobile industry are expected to take a hit in overall revenue. What they require is a way to better analyze the needs of their existing customer segments and postulate a new customer base in order to increase sales. Sciantra’s advanced analytics and visualization platform builds upon their data science expertise to apply intelligence in the Sales process of the Automobile sector.

Focus areas

We are moving forward into the plateau of productivity in artificial intelligence. At Sciantra, we strongly believe that science will need to work in tandem with technology to resolve problems faced by organizations of the future.

We have identified focus areas that we are confident will impact the way in which solutions are designed and formulated.

Core competencies

With an experienced team of IT industry veterans, Sciantra has developed core competencies that allow us to utilize our creativity and experience in our solutions.

We bring to the table our unique thinking style and varied but essential capabilities that differentiate us from our competitors.

Working with Sciantra

Sciantra wants to help organizations achieve their goals. By working with us, reap the benefits from our experience and expertise in the various business domains and utilize our intelligence capabilities to maximize value and incorporate the best possible strategies to bring businesses to greater heights. Approach us if status quo is no longer satisfactory.