Expertise and Experience

Our history in analytics and enterprise solutions has allowed us to build a strong competency in the following fields of computing. We have chosen to strengthen our capabilities in these areas in order to break into the high performing Intelligence market. Our proven track record and accrued assets allow us to stay agile and adapt accordingly.We continue to keep abreast of these fields so that we can incorporate the advancements in technology and stay ahead of the race.

Synthetic Intelligence

Finding the right technology to work with can be a herculean task in the modern day technology market. Even with Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Platforms in place to process our data, the need to find the right balance in the dynamics of performance, durability, long term viability, stability and the overall marketability of the technology becomes necessary for end users.

The world is awash with technologies that can mine and process data at mind numbing speeds yet every technology available has the limitation of unsustainability – in that they are non-cognitive and prone to technological backwardness due to rapid advancement in technology.

Teknuance Info Solutions long term research in the areas of Synthetic Intelligence and Cognitive Science focuses on the delivery of Intelligent Enterprise Performance Management applications which are Staff-related, capital-related, product-related and customer-related. The unique cognitive feature of our technologies makes them marketable for the future technology market.

Our teams of highly qualified and experienced scientists have made ground breaking discoveries and our research has gone to the most granular levels to understand the intricacies and complexities associated with Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. We have fashioned very interesting ideas in developing the next generation technologies that would answer the bigger questions and fill gaps in the current technologies and adoption of future technologies.

We are a forward thinking technological start up – that is growth and research oriented. We strive to put futuristic ideas to test and implement them in the advancement of current day technologies while laying the tracks for future innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Robotics has well emerged as a high-end technological objective that is enormously lucrative if engineered ingeniously. Staying up-to-date with today’s fast paced life; top engineers are continuously developing prototypes for various purposes which then transform to successful high- tech products. Robots are mainly stereotyped to be replacing people and their work, but the fact is that autonomy levels of a robot are still relegated to the human hand.

Objects are given real life attributes so that it can substitute human beings in dangerous environments. This is just one of the many ways in which they actually help in real life to solve complex problems, making it easier for humans. Every single day makes history with the launch of some type of robot. There are over millions of robots present today, undoubtedly replacing difficulties that humans face, and again it is with no doubt that the future looks “amazing” with such advances.

The goal in future is to enable human-robot collaboration in order to advance science and human life to unprecedented territories as envisioned by the greatest fictional minds in history. Perhaps we may all have our own personal Jarvis some day to make day to day life easier to handle.

Data science

In an increasingly digital world, the importance of data cannot be over emphasized. Mobile devices, the web and other web interactive platforms have become the serving plates for raw and analyzed data of all forms to anybody willing to take a bite. Coupled with the advent of Big Data, it has given rise to research in data mining and machine learning which provides an avenue for machines to identify patterns in large data sets and learn to analyze compiled data independently.

All these invariably have led to the implementation of Data Science into the study of Artificial Intelligence where its theories on data set recognition and analysis can be put to practical use. At the end of the day, Data Science is about generating business value for the organizations that are willing to invest in it. It is the synergy of Mathematics, Technology and Business Strategy working to create insights from data at its granular level.

Data Science is now an important facet of Business Decision Making. Understand organizational data and generating insights from it is the key focus of the Data Scientist. In order to facilitate knowledge driven decision making, data driven insights will have to be created first in order to support the validity of organizational strategies.

Enterprise Performance Management

To keep the flagship hoisted high, it is imperative for the organizations to not only constantly monitor and measure performance - but also to quickly apply generated tactics to stay successful and gear up towards future demands. These tactics allow the ability to transform organizations to a ‘Fully aware state” and make them sensitive to internal and external indicators and also make them responsive in applying determinant rules to create a rapid dynamic and concise decision formation process.

In order to deliver these capabilities, the principles of Cognitive Science and Synthetic Intelligence such as the human ability to receive, perceive and process information by applying cognitive reasoning, determination and decision making abilities based on logical, philosophical, and scientific functions & methods have to be implemented to computers and machines.

With business dynamics requiring more user specific services, the importance and effectiveness of Enterprise Performance Management applications cannot be undermined. This is why the Enterprise Performance Management market is worth over $2.2 billion and an annual growth rate of 4.8%