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At Sciantra, we have modelled the entire business; both in parts and as a whole. No problem is too big or small to be handled by our team of strategists. We have focused not only on the similarities but also the differences between various aspects of business management in order to model every possible scenario in the universe. The following two case studies illustrate how collaborating with Sciantra can benefit your organization.

Improving diagnostics accuracy and service delivery in Hospitals.


Sciantra’s knowledge platform has been accrued to provide high accuracy diagnostic suggestions based on symptom analysis and patient information profile. Leveraging on the research of the in house Bioscience and Informatics team, a multidimensional and interactive diagnostics platform has been developed to support diagnosticians in their early patient analysis.


Given the high risk repercussions of misdiagnosis, it is clear that hospitals need a strong support system as a mitigation strategy and reference library for multiple health professionals. Sciantra has the technology, research portfolio and the expertise to establish a cognitive decision making approach in the Healthcare domain.


The conceptualized solution is a clinical decision support platform that incorporates information from patient history, racial profile, geographical location, symptoms and test results to determine hereditary predispositions and potential diagnoses. In addition, it will also provide proper course of treatment and medications while taking into account allergies and drug interactions. The unique features here are the early warning detection for life threatening symptoms and predictive disease progression. Diagnosticians, doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals will also be able to ask questions in natural language or medical jargon and receive relevant responses.


The most obvious and highest benefit of the platform is the mitigation of risks related to misdiagnosis. The underlying knowledge base will be continuously updated and enhanced with available research in the field of Healthcare. The platform will also continuously learn and improve to display a never seen before level of accuracy and relevance. In addition, the support provided to the health professionals will enable to them to focus on their inherent role and provide better service to patients. Detecting dangerous symptoms and predicting disease progression will mean a better prepared medical team and a higher level service than currently possible. Utilizing Sciantra’s platform will therefore lead to not only better practice but also a general enrichment of health professionals and service delivery

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