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Sciantra is the brainchild of Krishna Kumar; a technically capable strategist with 20 years of data science proficiency. Located in New York, Sciantra's origins lie in enterprise solutions that provide business intelligence. We have been conceived as a R&D technology startup with a focus on analytics and artificial intelligence. We bring together experts in the fields of science, technology and design to form cross functional teams that work on the biggest problems in artificial intelligence.

Scientific research and open innovation are the corner stones of Sciantra's ability to provide intelligent applications intended to support organizations in their efforts to adapt and improve. Our intuitive solutions are tailored to respond with human like intelligence while taking into account varied perspectives both within and outside the organization.

We seek to answer the new age question that afflicts the AI market today. “How can we provide high strategic relevance in artificial intelligence?”

Working with Sciantra

Our work at Sciantra brings forth revolutionary and aspirational technology that aims to be the answer to all tactical and strategy problems faced by an organization. We are focused on not only servicing the organization, but also the individual user and the industry space in which the organization exists. Our impact will extend across industries as we function as a framework for organizations to handle their analytics and data needs.

Sciantra is always open to partnering or working with government, commercial, educational or research organizations interested in our novel tools and applications.

Working at Sciantra

At Sciantra, we believe in the autonomous innovator; the foundation of today's business world. These are people who are able to bring together their domain expertise and technical ability to engage in research and problem solving while retaining their conviction to see their ideas through.

You will be part of a tightly knit community that supports and empowers each other to perform at their best. Join us and help resolve some of the most interesting problems faced by our business world.

Company History

Our journey began with research and exploration into Cognitive Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence almost 20 years ago. The past years have been focused on the accumulation of experience and knowledge in diverse domains; particularly with regards to the problems faced by the various roles within the organizations. Our team is now entering a promising phase, producing favourable outcomes that give cognizance to our AI engines, making them human like in thought and decision.

Company Future

Sciantra aims to fulfill the needs of an organization at every level; from the individual user to the industry space in which the organization exists. Our goal is to educate the industry stakeholders through enrichment and empower individuals in the space through employment and innovation. Our next step is to invest into a dedicated research center in the US providing employment across a diverse range of people from the PhDs who provide conclusive research to the industry veterans who will function as subject matter experts.

“We at Sciantra aspire to enable organizations to excel with the power of intelligence. We envision placing a profound footprint on the business world; creating everlasting impressions with delightful discoveries and becoming an eminent enterprise to bank on.”

Krishna Kumar

CEO, Sciantra

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